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Sustainable support to families in Haiti and Minnesota

To support families in Minnesota, Haitian Communities of Minnesota is raising awareness about the strains on Haiti and the strains on the community here that have resulted from the devastating earthquake of 2010. The group also currently seeks to establish ways to implement its vision for assisting local families with educational needs, food needs, citizenship and immigration needs, and other family needs.

  • Citizenship Assistance

    Supporting Haitians with the immigration process.

  • Education

    Encouraging Haitians to advance their education and develop skills that can support their success in the United States

  • Translation

    Providing translation for documents or conversations for Haitians just starting to learn English.

  • Childcare

    Supporting families in need of childcare while they find resources in their communities.

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Haitian Community of Minnesota Haitian Flag Day
Heritage • Culture • Justice • Freedom

The Haitian Community of Minnesota
invites you to Celebrate with us
Friday, May 18th, 2018
5:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Powderhorn Park • Minneapolis, MN

For more information call (631) 805-7797

- Guest speaker Marilene Phipps-Kettlewell, renowned Haitian academic, poet, and artist;
- A dazzling artistic performance by Afoutayi, one of the best contemporary Haitian dance troupes, led by the celebrated Haitian dancer, Djenane Saint-juste;
- A performance by Twin Cities violinist Sarah Wolbert;
- A drawing for over $5000 worth of high-end electronic toys donated to help get children of Haitian descent excited about science and technology;
- Meet and Greet Professor Mahmoud El-Kati, author of Haiti: The Hidden Truth
- And much, much more

May 18 commemorates the adoption of the Haitian flag by Jean-Jacques Dessalines and Alexandre Pétion after the revolution against enslavement and injustice. Haiti was the first Pan-African/Black republic to win its freedom and today serves as an inspiration and a beacon of hope for all those communities fighting for justice and freedom. This Day also provides an opportunity for the Haitian community to come together with friends and allies to celebrate and share their history and culture.
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