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Sustainable support to families in Haiti and Minnesota

To support families in Minnesota, Haitian Communities of Minnesota is raising awareness about the strains on Haiti and the strains on the community here that have resulted from the devastating earthquake of 2010. The group also currently seeks to establish ways to implement its vision for assisting local families with educational needs, food needs, citizenship and immigration needs, and other family needs.

  • Citizenship Assistance

    Supporting Haitians with the immigration process.

  • Education

    Encouraging Haitians to advance their education and develop skills that can support their success in the United States

  • Translation

    Providing translation for documents or conversations for Haitians just starting to learn English.

  • Childcare

    Supporting families in need of childcare while they find resources in their communities.

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Haitian Community of Minnesota Our issues are international! We are a global people/community. Our lessons and values should reflect this reality. These students and staff in Jamaica are dropping some knowledge!28.10.2015 at 07:01 pmLike
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Haitian Community of Minnesota Afoutayi Drum & Dance Company - Music and Dance of Haiti
SEPT 20- 27

Sat, Sept. 26, 7:30 Concert (7 pre-show talk), Sundin Hall, Hamline University

Sun, Sept. 27, Lakansyel Rainbow Festival in the Mall (music, dance, kites, games)

Thurs Sept 24, 1 pm Lec-dem, Sundin Hall, Hamline

TBA, Hamline Elementary School Program

TBA, Drum and Dance classes

This Residency is cosponsored by the Minnesota Haitian Cultural Center which was founded by Anne Florence Adabra who was born and raised in Haiti, emigrated to Minnesota. In Haiti, besides being a teacher and a Social Worker, Anne was as well an accomplished dancer and an actress .
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